Q: What are The Hubbard Clinic’s fields of expertise?
A: The Hubbard Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of bladder incontinence, BPH, interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor rehabilitation, prostate cancer, urodynamic studies, and erectile dysfunction.

Q: What are your Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistant qualifications?
A: The Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assiatnt at The Hubbard Clinic are highly qualified in urological care. They provide all the same services as Dr. Hubbard, except surgical procedures.

Q: What will happen during my initial visit?
A: Your initial visit will consist of a preliminary exam, urine check and a conversation to plan your course of treatment.

Q: Which insurance companies does The Hubbard Clinic accept?
A: The Hubbard Clinic accepts Medicare and participates with most major insurance companies. We also file insurance claims for our patients.

Q: At what facilities does Dr. Hubbard have privileges?
A: Dr. Hubbard performs surgical procedures at Norton Suburban. Dr. Hubbard no longer makes consults or emergency room calls. The Hubbard Clinic does, however, have a 24-hour phone service that provides patients with telephone numbers to utilize in case of emergencies.