Credit Bureau: Bank Loans

Although considered by many Romanians as one of the most detested financial market monitoring services, this Credit Bureau is an institution that maintains balance in the area of ​​loans in Romania. Together with CRC (Banking Risk Center), the Credit Bureau represents the institution that keeps clear the boundary between the black and white area of ​​Romanian credit.

What is the Credit Bureau’s role in the area of ​​non-bank and bank loans in Romania?

When does a person considered bad-payer register with the Credit Bureau?

How can I find out if I’m in the Credit Bureau’s records?

How can I find out if I

Any Romanian citizen can request data about his situation in the Credit Bureau through an online credit bureau inquiry request. This is addressed free of charge once a year either by an email sent to this Credit Bureau at the email address situaţ[email protected] or by a letter sent to the address Credits Office of Saint Vineri Street no.29, 3, Bucharest, Romania. Subsequently, each request for online credit bureau inquiry is charged with the amount of 6 Ron / application.

How can I get rid of the Bad-Plate label from the Credit Bureau’s records?

Many of those in the Credit Bureau’s records as bad payers believe that simply making outstanding payments will provide them with redemption and deletion from the Credit Bureau’s database. Even if a request is made to withdraw from the Loan Bureau, the 4-year term can not be shortened in any way. Therefore, even if you paid your arrears, you will continue to appear in the database as a person who has not fully complied with your loan agreement.

If you have been mistakenly entered into the records of this Loan Office, then you can file a removal request from the credit office, but not with the Credit Bureau, but with the bank or non-banking institution that transmitted the data. When the institution refuses to make the requested and justified changes, you can contact the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing to rectify this issue legally.

Can I get loans if I figure in the Creditors’ Bureau?

Can I get loans if I figure in the Creditors

There are a lot of non-bank companies that provide access to non-bank loans even to the persons listed in the Credit Bureau. All you have to do is that the level of arrears is not very high, have proven financially correcting behavior (after registering as bad-payer or overdue), and you do not ask for a sum too high in value loan request. For more online loans for bad-payers and debtors, visit Tom Sawyer – the non-bank loan comparison site available for free to all Romanians!