My WordPress Blog Mon, 29 Apr 2019 10:03:04 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Financing, Consortium Or Leasing: What Is The Best Option? – Low Interest Mon, 29 Apr 2019 10:03:04 +0000 Continue Reading]]> Buying a vehicle is a great decision for anyone. This happens because it is a very expensive durable good, which means that most people do not have enough money to buy the car in sight, it is necessary to make a long term purchase and commit a portion of the budget for at least a few months.

But among the various payment options, it’s easy to get confused when choosing the one that best suits your situation. To help you with this task, we’ll explain about financing, consortium or leasing: what is the best option for buying a car. Follow us!



Financing is usually the most used modality for those looking to acquire a vehicle, whether new or used. Basically, it is a targeted loan, in which the bank is asked for the exact amount to buy the car.

If the funding is approved, the amount requested is already available for use. The car payment is made in installments, for a predetermined period.

The main advantage of this mode is that the car or motorcycle can already be placed in the name of the buyer. In addition, installments can be advanced, with the objective of reducing payment time and interest. However, interest rates on financing tend to be higher than in the other categories.



The consortium for the purchase of a vehicle works as a collective savings, in which all participants pay a monthly installment. At the end of each month, members are drawn to receive the amount agreed in the policy.

There is also the possibility of bidding. In this case, the highest bidder in the given period gets the correct amount for the car purchase, while continuing to pay the installments required to pay the full price.

The biggest advantage of the consortium model is to offer the lowest market rate, since it does not charge interest, only a management fee. However, there is no guarantee of the immediate acquisition of the property, ie the client does not know when it will be contemplated in the lottery and will receive the vehicle.



Finally, leasing consists of a lease, that is, a kind of rent. It works as follows: the bank acquires the car and grants the consumer right to use while holding the car in its name.

The period of use authorized for the driver shall be established in a contract and during that time he shall pay the benefits in accordance with the conditions laid down.

At the end of the installments, the customer must decide whether to purchase the vehicle or return it to the bank. If the choice is the acquisition, you will have to pay a residual amount defined by the contract.

The main advantage of this modality is the reduction in the value of interest, in relation to other financing available to individuals. In addition, the leasing is not subject to a tax on financial transactions, the IOF.

However, as the automobile is in the name of the bank, the contractor will have difficulty selling the good if he gives up the business. Another disadvantage is in case of default, since the financial institution can repay the asset in a short time.

But after all, financing, consortium or leasing: what is the best option for buying your car? The answer depends on your goals.

If your priority is the economy and you do not have immediate need of the vehicle, the consortium may be the best option. Leasing is the second most economical mode and offers the possibility of getting out of the car in a short time. However, if you wish to have the car or motorcycle in your name right away, it is better to invest in the financing.


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Credit Bureau: Bank Loans Tue, 09 Apr 2019 07:55:14 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

Although considered by many Romanians as one of the most detested financial market monitoring services, this Credit Bureau is an institution that maintains balance in the area of ​​loans in Romania. Together with CRC (Banking Risk Center), the Credit Bureau represents the institution that keeps clear the boundary between the black and white area of ​​Romanian credit.

What is the Credit Bureau’s role in the area of ​​non-bank and bank loans in Romania?

When does a person considered bad-payer register with the Credit Bureau?

How can I find out if I’m in the Credit Bureau’s records?

How can I find out if I

Any Romanian citizen can request data about his situation in the Credit Bureau through an online credit bureau inquiry request. This is addressed free of charge once a year either by an email sent to this Credit Bureau at the email address situaţ or by a letter sent to the address Credits Office of Saint Vineri Street no.29, 3, Bucharest, Romania. Subsequently, each request for online credit bureau inquiry is charged with the amount of 6 Ron / application.

How can I get rid of the Bad-Plate label from the Credit Bureau’s records?

How can I get rid of the Bad-Plate label from the Credit Bureau

Many of those in the Credit Bureau’s records as bad payers believe that simply making outstanding payments will provide them with redemption and deletion from the Credit Bureau’s database. Even if a request is made to withdraw from the Loan Bureau, the 4-year term can not be shortened in any way. Therefore, even if you paid your arrears, you will continue to appear in the database as a person who has not fully complied with your loan agreement.

If you have been mistakenly entered into the records of this Loan Office, then you can file a removal request from the credit office, but not with the Credit Bureau, but with the bank or non-banking institution that transmitted the data. When the institution refuses to make the requested and justified changes, you can contact the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing to rectify this issue legally.

Can I get loans if I figure in the Creditors’ Bureau?

Can I get loans if I figure in the Creditors

There are a lot of non-bank companies that provide access to non-bank loans even to the persons listed in the Credit Bureau. All you have to do is that the level of arrears is not very high, have proven financially correcting behavior (after registering as bad-payer or overdue), and you do not ask for a sum too high in value loan request. For more online loans for bad-payers and debtors, visit Tom Sawyer – the non-bank loan comparison site available for free to all Romanians!


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Franchising Legal Aspects – Low Interest Sun, 24 Mar 2019 10:18:08 +0000 Continue Reading]]>


With franchising you are giving up the right to exploit your brand, so it is best to redouble your attention. Franchising networks are ways to bring success models to the world.

The legal bases of franchising

The legal bases of franchising

When we talk about franchising we are talking about a brand that has:

  • Your name;
  • Your business model when we think of big franchises;
  • Its layout and structure (the way the business is assembled in space), ceded to the franchisee.

In this way legal issues are fundamental to establish and determine the relationship between the owner of the mark and who comes to give it.

For legal issues we are talking about the determinations of conduct and behavior of each one within the franchise, as well as judicial techniques to circumvent possible litigation that may arise.

It is part of the legal bases of a franchise, determine the payment to the trademark holder, the tax responsibilities of the franchisee, among other things.

We separate here the main points that you should know and consider before you start offering your business model.

What should I worry about before I give away a franchise license for my business?

What should I worry about before I give away a franchise license for my business?

The first point to which you must support is the intellectual property of your brand.

Do you have a record of your brand, your business model? This is the first step for you to make your venture into a franchise.

A brand is what makes the consumer differentiate one product from another in the market, for example if we see a silver apple with a missing slice we know that this is Apple.

To prevent your brand from suffering in the future with litigation over who owns it, who owns the brand, or even if the franchisee registers the business once you have not done so, it is still important that you register for the brand.

In Brazil it is only possible to register visually recognizable brands, for example Apple apple or Google Android. It is not possible to record a sound in our country, for example.

In order to register the trademark in Brazil, the process can be done directly by the entrepreneur through INPI, National Institute of Industrial Property. To register your trademark, through the INPI online site, the process comes out cheaper, something around $ 400.00.

You are protected by copyright

The layout and visual appeals of your enterprise are protected

From the moment you register a trademark legally it becomes your intellectual property, and in this way is protected by copyright.

With this in mind, when you give away a franchise license to the franchisee, you can end up giving away the company’s layout, mascot, colors, product placement in space, (think of the famous fast food chain, they are all equal is not it?) With copyright protection, all these creations, your properties will be protected.

With all these risks what are the advantages of franking my business?


The main advantage of franchising is being able to increase the visibility of the brand, leading it to more people who will be directly affected by the franchise open.

This is every entrepreneur’s dream, is not it? Make the brand better known, and possibly, in this way, significantly increase your sales.

What do I need to know before franking my business?

In addition to registering your brand to avoid possible headaches, you need to prior to franchising your business that you know that you need to tweak the franchise business, in addition to doing the simple, to be able to account for the collection amounts.

Every franchisor (one who licenses his or her brand to a third party) must be a good person manager, since the franchisee (the one who has the right to exploit the brand image) will need full support at the beginning to open and stabilize the business in the market. A good franchisor is one who cherishes the franchisee’s financial success.

In addition, as the vast majority of organizations – or almost all of them – carry the responsibility of social responsibility with their public. Whether it is through charitable actions, actions in the internal or external community, or any other type of activity, it is very important.

Do you have the money to open a franchise?

Do you have the money to open a franchise?

As we have brought, for you to do the simple registration of the brand you pay a fee of about $ 400.00, and this is just one of the costs that you will have to open your franchise.

The other possible costs that you certainly did not consider are:

  • Training manuals;
  • Lectures and / or workshops that allow the presentation of the company;
  • The mode of customer service and behavior for the franchisee.
  • One must also have resources to leverage the marketing of the new establishment that will be open.

After these initial and prepared steps the contracts that will determine the relationship between franchisor and franchisee the next step is to choose who will be part of the team.

Perhaps this requirement or prerequisite that the franchisee must have (knowledge to make the franchise thrive whatever it may be) make this step the most difficult in the process of turning your franchising business into a franchise once you need to keep the good image of your brand someone who is worried in addition to the profits, but with performing a good job.


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Mobilo Credit Review – Payday Loan Review Tue, 19 Mar 2019 08:30:26 +0000 Continue Reading]]> Romania is a fast credit service available for our country and operated by Mobilo Finance IFN SA, a Romanian company based in Bucharest, 77, Lanariei Street, sector 4. The company has 4 associates and 3 administrators, so far accounting for zero accounts (fixed assets of RON 167 269 in 2015 and of RON 342 081 in 2016). Mobilo credit is registered under the number RG-PJR-41-110301 / 21.09.2015 in the General Register of the National Bank of Romania, the company being launched on the Romanian market of fast loans and personal needs in 2015 (the number of employees reported in 2016 was 4 people).

The strength of this online lending program is the dedicated mobile application (for iOS and Android operating systems) that gives the smartphone the opportunity to get the amount of 1000 Ron in just 30 minutes. Additionally, creating an account on the mobile app allows you to access the next quick credit without having to enter your personal data. This borrower’s website is also optimized for other mobile devices (for example, for tablets), allowing quick and easy access to those who are interested in contracting a loan and not losing time when presenting to a bank, and with proof of eligibility.

What are the necessary documents and conditions for applying for a loan on mobilocredit ro?

What are the necessary documents and conditions for applying for a loan on mobilocredit ro?

The applicant is required only two documents to apply for a loan of between 175 and 2000 Ron for a period of 10 to 32 days. Is about:

  • copy of an identity document (identity card or ID card);
  • a copy of a bank statement to provide proof of revenue.

Once you have selected the amount you want to borrow (between 175 and 2000 Ron) and the money back period (between 10 and 31 days), you can get the loan (if all the conditions are completed) within 30 minutes of initiating the dispatch of the request. Request can be sent:

  • Online – by filling in the form available on the site;
  • From the dedicated mobile app (iOS or Android).

You also need to take into account the age and income conditions when you apply for a loan from this platform. Many customers have a very good credit opinion about Mobilo because they provide a clear demarcation in the minimum income level a person applying for a credit has to pay (few are the cases of non-bank companies that clearly state which is the minimum amount of earnings they hold when considering a loan application). Here are these conditions:

  • The applicant’s age must be at least 18 years and not more than 70 years old;
  • It must earn monthly earnings of less than 700 Ron net worth to qualify for a loan (note that this is the amount required to get a loan from Mobilocredit, but it does not guarantee the amount you can borrow) ;
  • Several types of income, not just standard, salary and pension, but also those obtained from unemployment benefits, from the use of real estate for a monthly rental fee, etc., are accepted by the applicant.

Once the application has been approved, the client can either receive the money either in the account or on the indicated bank card, or he can opt for a cash payment. In the latter case, it should be noted that there is a deadline until the client has to raise the money (3 days), and the bank from which he can do is only Banca Transilvania (from any branch of this bank).

Repayment of the loan must be made in one of the following ways:

  • Bank card payment – is recommended for those who have downloaded Mobilocredit for their mobile phone;
  • Payment by bank transfer or cash in one of Transilvania bank branches, an institution where this ifn loan service has its accounts.

If it comes to contacting a representative of this company, then you can opt for any of Mobilo credit contact methods:

  • Chat online
  • By phone : 0314 100 100
  • Email:

You can track everything new on this online platform by accessing the Facebook (11888) followers or Mobilocredit’s Youtube pages. The work program with the public is weekly, Monday to Friday, between 9.00 and 17.00.

What do I need to know about the fast loan from Mobilocredit?

What do I need to know about the fast loan from Mobilocredit?

It is very important to note that in this fast-paced credit service, the money is granted in two stages (between 175 and 800 Ron for the first loan and between 800 and 2000 Ron for the second loan). This must be done, since a customer may request a higher value than the 800 RON maximum from the first access, which may lead to the rejection of the request.

A single value commission is charged for extending the lending period; the amount is 60 Ron and the period with which the loan can be extended is maximum 4 weeks. The Annual Effective Interest Rate (DAE) is 5215, 36% for a maximum loan of 2000 Ron with 10-day repayment (minimum repayment period) and 3523.57% for reimbursement within the maximum term (31 days ).

Note that if you download the application for your phone’s operating system, the maximum limit of the first threshold will increase from 800 to 1000 Ron, which means it’s much more advantageous to apply directly from the mobile app. Apart from the sole reimbursement fee, this company does not charge other fees, such as credit management. This fast and online loan operator on your phone gives you the opportunity to get cash loan with very convenient accessibility and with approval within 30 minutes. It is one of the services that deserves the attention of any customer looking for a fast versatile credit.


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Fifth Pension Assignment: What It Is and How It Works Wed, 13 Feb 2019 08:45:46 +0000 Continue Reading]]>


Often there is the need to have small or medium numbers, to satisfy urgent personal needs: a new car, when the old woman has left us on foot; or face sudden medical expenses; or wanting to give an adequate gift to a nephew, on the occasion of graduation or marriage; or simply wanting to give yourself a more than deserved vacation in the company of a lifetime partner. But how can a pensioner find these figures? Here is the sale of the fifth of the pension becomes a good ally in finding the resources necessary to meet these costs.

The sale of the fifth of the pension: what is it?

The sale of the fifth of the pension: what is it?

The sale of the fifth reserved for pensioners, is an opportunity that the legislator wanted to make available to a wider audience, compared to that previously granted only to active employees. Today, millions of pensioners, in fact, have the possibility of using them, obtaining a loan from a credit institution, which will then be automatically reimbursed by INPS through their pensions. This reimbursement cannot exceed 20% of the monthly pension amount: hence, the expression cession of the fifth.

How the pensioner must move

The pensioner intending to apply for the loan can contact a bank or a finance company that deals with the sale of the fifth to the pensioners, and agree on amounts and conditions, upon request to the Social Security Institute of the communication of transferability of the pension. This certificate is crucial to establish the maximum monthly amount that the applicant can reimburse, and, based on that, to establish the number of installments necessary for the extinction of the debt. It will then be the INPS to retain the amount set by the pension.

As a rule, the restitution foresees a minimum of 24 installments and cannot exceed 120, that is 10 years, remaining within the 90 years of age of the applicant, even if exceptions are possible. Furthermore, insurance against the risk of premature death of the owner is mandatory in the amount.

Who is entitled and who is not

Who is entitled and who is not

Since, by law, the minimum pension cannot be affected, all those pensioners who exceed this quota will be entitled, net of social security and tax deductions.

They are excluded, then:

    • those who benefit from pensions and social allowances
    • those who have been assigned civil disabilities
    • those who receive monthly allowances for assistance to pensioners due to disability; for income support; or allowances to the family unit
    • those who are in possession of co-pensions from a party who is not entitled to the assignment
    • those who make use of the evacuation benefits, referring to the Law n. 92 of 2012

Installment calculation

Installment calculation

Since the pensioner can repay a maximum of 20% of his pension, the amount of the monthly fee will be strictly related to the amount of the pension itself. For example, those who receive a gross pension of 1,200 euros, less 300 euros of tax withholdings, will get a net pension of 900 euros. The transferable fee will then be 180 euros, equal to one fifth of the net pension.

On the other hand, if you have a pension slightly above the minimum, you will only be able to repay the excess over the minimum amount, which will have to be calculated, on a case by case basis, with the financial institution to which you have turned.

The controls of the Social Security Institute

The controls of the Social Security Institute

To protect the pensioner, INPS reserves the right to check certain inalienable characteristics by the bank or financial company to which the applicant has turned. These conditions are:

    • that the bank or financial institution consulted have all the requisites required by law for this type of transaction
    • that the rate applied to the loan is lower than the so-called anti-usury threshold rate for the accredited financial institutions, or at the rate conventionally established for its age group for the loan disbursed by a conventioned financial institution
    • that the contractually agreed installment does not exceed the famous fifth of the pension amount
    • that all the expenses concerning the preliminary investigation, the eventual early repayment, the insurance premium due for premiere, all the commissions and the interests in their entirety have been expressly indicated in the contract.
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