Mobile Credit Review – Payday Loan Review

Mobile credit is a fast credit service available for our country and operated by Mobile Finance IFN SA, a Romanian company based in Bucharest, 77, Lanariei Street, sector 4. The company has 4 associates and 3 administrators, so far accounting for zero accounts (fixed assets of RON 167 269 in 2015 and of RON 342 081 in 2016). Mobile credit is registered under the number RG-PJR-41-110301 / 21.09.2015 in the General Register of the National Bank of Romania, the company being launched on the Romanian market of fast loans and personal needs in 2015 (the number of employees reported in 2016 was 4 people).

The strength of this online lending program is the dedicated mobile application (for iOS and Android operating systems) that gives the smartphone the opportunity to get the amount of 1000 Ron in just 30 minutes. Additionally, creating an account on the mobile app allows you to access the next quick credit without having to enter your personal data. This borrower’s website is also optimized for other mobile devices (for example, for tablets), allowing quick and easy access to those who are interested in contracting a loan and not losing time when presenting to a bank, and with proof of eligibility.

What are the necessary documents and conditions for applying for a loan on mobilecredit ?

What are the necessary documents and conditions for applying for a loan on mobilocredit ro?

The applicant is required only two documents to apply for a loan of between 175 and 2000 Ron for a period of 10 to 32 days. Is about:

  • copy of an identity document (identity card or ID card);
  • a copy of a bank statement to provide proof of revenue.

Once you have selected the amount you want to borrow (between 175 and 2000 Ron) and the money back period (between 10 and 31 days), you can get the loan (if all the conditions are completed) within 30 minutes of initiating the dispatch of the request. Request can be sent:

  • Online – by filling in the form available on the site;
  • From the dedicated mobile app (iOS or Android).

You also need to take into account the age and income conditions when you apply for a loan from this platform. Many customers have a very good credit opinion about Mobile because they provide a clear demarcation in the minimum income level a person applying for a credit has to pay (few are the cases of non-bank companies that clearly state which is the minimum amount of earnings they hold when considering a loan application). Here are these conditions:

  • The applicant’s age must be at least 18 years and not more than 70 years old;
  • It must earn monthly earnings of less than 700 Ron net worth to qualify for a loan (note that this is the amount required to get a loan from Mobilecredit, but it does not guarantee the amount you can borrow) ;
  • Several types of income, not just standard, salary and pension, but also those obtained from unemployment benefits, from the use of real estate for a monthly rental fee, etc., are accepted by the applicant.

Once the application has been approved, the client can either receive the money either in the account or on the indicated bank card, or he can opt for a cash payment. In the latter case, it should be noted that there is a deadline until the client has to raise the money (3 days), and the bank from which he can do is only Banca Transilvania (from any branch of this bank).

Repayment of the loan must be made in one of the following ways:

  • Bank card payment – is recommended for those who have downloaded Mobilecredit for their mobile phone;
  • Payment by bank transfer or cash in one of Transilvania bank branches, an institution where this ifn loan service has its accounts.

If it comes to contacting a representative of this company, then you can opt for any of Mobile credit contact methods:

You can track everything new on this online platform by accessing the Facebook (11888) followers or Mobilecredit’s Youtube pages. The work program with the public is weekly, Monday to Friday, between 9.00 and 17.00.

What do I need to know about the fast loan from Mobilecredit?

It is very important to note that in this fast-paced credit service, the money is granted in two stages (between 175 and 800 Ron for the first loan and between 800 and 2000 Ron for the second loan). This must be done, since a customer may request a higher value than the 800 RON maximum from the first access, which may lead to the rejection of the request.

A single value commission is charged for extending the lending period; the amount is 60 Ron and the period with which the loan can be extended is maximum 4 weeks. The Annual Effective Interest Rate (DAE) is 5215, 36% for a maximum loan of 2000 Ron with 10-day repayment (minimum repayment period) and 3523.57% for reimbursement within the maximum term (31 days ).

Note that if you download the application for your phone’s operating system, the maximum limit of the first threshold will increase from 800 to 1000 Ron, which means it’s much more advantageous to apply directly from the mobile app. Apart from the sole reimbursement fee, this company does not charge other fees, such as credit management. This fast and online loan operator on your phone gives you the opportunity to get cash loan with very convenient accessibility and with approval within 30 minutes. It is one of the services that deserves the attention of any customer looking for a fast versatile credit.